Rahul Gandhi on Prajwal Revanna Case
Rahul Gandhi on Prajwal Revanna Case

“This is not a sex scandal but a mass rape. On stage, the PM has supported a mass rapist. All BJP leaders knew that Prajwal Revanna is a mass rapist and they still allied with him and fielded him in the polls,” Rahul Gandhi said.

In a recent development, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for seeking votes for Prajwal Revanna, whom Gandhi termed a “mass rapist.” The accusation stems from allegations of sexual crimes against Revanna, an MP and Lok Sabha candidate from the Janata Dal Secular (JDS) party, an ally of the NDA.

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Allegations and Accusations

During an election rally in the Raichur region of Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi presented a letter purportedly written by a BJP leader from Hassan to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The letter allegedly detailed Prajwal Revanna’s history as a sexual predator and urged Shah to deny him a poll ticket for the Lok Sabha elections. Gandhi accused the top BJP leadership, including PM Modi, of overlooking these allegations for the sake of political power.

Gandhi’s call for PM Modi’s apology stems from the belief that the Prime Minister should take responsibility for endorsing a candidate accused of such serious crimes. He emphasized the need for political leaders to be held accountable for their actions, particularly in matters concerning women’s safety and security.

“The person (who wrote the letter) has said that Prajwal Revanna is attacking women and has committed rape. He (Prajwal Revanna) has raped 400 women and videographed it (the acts). This (BJP) man has written to the Home Minister about the attacks but the Home Minister did not do anything,” Rahul Gandhi claimed.

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Congress’ Women-Centric Policies

In addition to addressing the Prajwal Revanna controversy, Rahul Gandhi reiterated the Congress party’s commitment to women’s empowerment. He highlighted the Congress’ pre-election pledge of Rs. 1 lakh for women, aimed at recognizing and rewarding women for their contributions to society, both within their homes and in the broader community.

“Even after this the PM of India comes onto the stage and asks for votes for Prajwal Revanna. I want to tell those women who have been victims of (sexual) attacks that the same thing has been done by Prajwal Revanna. Over 400 men pleaded with Revanna but he raped and did not let them go. If Amit Shah knew about it, then even the PM knew about it,” Gandhi said.

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“I want to ask the women why the PM is protecting this person and asking for votes? The PM has insulted all women in the country. When Amit Shah knew about all this, they let him (Prajwal Revanna) leave the country. How was this allowed?” he asked.

The demand for PM Modi’s apology adds a new dimension to the ongoing political discourse surrounding the upcoming elections. It underscores the importance of ethical conduct and accountability in political leadership, particularly concerning sensitive issues like women’s safety and justice.

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