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Is China More Crucial for Tesla Than India?

China holds more importance for Tesla’s growth than India in the electric vehicle market, despite India’s evolving policies and potential. China has emerged as a powerhouse in electric vehicle (EV) and battery production, making it a pivotal market for Tesla, the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Here’s why China’s role is more significant than India’s […]

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Biased and Poor Understanding: India on US Human Rights Repor

India’s Response to US Human Rights Report: Critique and Rejection India has strongly criticized the recent US human rights report, labeling it as “deeply biased” and reflective of a “poor understanding” of the country’s complexities. The annual assessment by the State Department highlighted various issues, including ethnic conflicts in Manipur and alleged attacks on minorities, […]

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Faces Health Issues in Jail, Court Questions Mangoes and Sweets from Home

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal faced health challenges during his incarceration in Tihar jail, where he was administered insulin following a spike in his blood sugar level. Concurrently, a Delhi court has raised questions regarding his dietary intake, specifically the inclusion of mangoes, sweets, and aloo puri from home. You may also like: AP SSC […]

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Killer of Sarabjit Singh Shot Down by Unknown Gunmen: Karma Strikes Back!

In a dramatic turn of events, the perpetrator behind the heinous murder of Sarabjit Singh, a prominent human rights activist, has met a swift and mysterious end. Reports from local authorities confirm that unknown assailants shot down the individual responsible for Singh’s untimely demise. This leaves many speculating about the nature of this vigilant act. […]