PM Modi No One Needs to Fear Third Term

In a recent interview with ANI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed key concerns and outlined ambitious plans for his third term, emphasizing the need for development over fear.

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Big Plans for Third Term

PM Modi revealed his comprehensive agenda for his upcoming term, promising significant initiatives within the first 100 days. He reassured, “No one needs to fear,” stressing that his decisions prioritize national progress.

ED Actions and Political Fears

Regarding the Enforcement Directorate (ED) actions, PM Modi debunked fears of political vendetta, noting that most cases pertain to non-political entities. He highlighted the agency’s increased efficacy in combating financial malpractices.

Electoral Bond Scrutiny

Responding to concerns about electoral bonds, now under Supreme Court scrutiny, PM Modi defended the scheme’s integrity against opposition allegations. He cautioned against premature judgments, emphasizing the bonds’ role in curbing black money.

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Ram Mandir Inauguration Controversy

PM Modi criticized Congress for politicizing the Ram Mandir inauguration, accusing them of catering to vote banks rather than embracing national unity. He lamented delays in the temple’s construction due to political agendas.

Rahul Gandhi’s Alleged Flip-Flopping

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi criticized the lack of consistency in political statements, citing examples of contradictory remarks. He highlighted the need for responsibility and commitment in public discourse.

‘One Nation, One Election’ Advocacy

Expressing support for ‘One Nation, One Election,’ a BJP manifesto promise, PM Modi stressed its potential benefits for governance efficiency. He welcomed constructive inputs on the initiative.

PM Modi’s interview elucidated his vision for a progressive and united India, dispelling fears of political bias and emphasizing inclusive development. The upcoming term promises to be transformative, with a focus on national welfare.

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